About Vegan Stardust

Vegan Stardust was launched in late 2018, and stemmed from designer Kelley Brock's dedication for living and promoting a vegan lifestyle. Driven to share a message of compassion and invest in a future vegan world, the idea of a new business model sprung. The mission would be to create and sell pro-vegan clothing and accessories, while giving part of the proceeds to animal sanctuaries. 

One day the word "vegan" will be considered redundant, but it will remain significant. Perhaps it will be regarded as the beginning of what sparked a more compassionate time. In any case, veganism in itself is here to stay, to change us and to change with us like an evolution. It is said that we are all made of stardust particles that have been around for billions of years. Maybe it will be the threads of kindness that will stick with us through the changes of a billion more. 

Cows belong in our hearts, not on our plates.